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Correct operation process of car tire dynamic balance

Correct operation process of car tire dynamic balance

Correct balancing car tire steps

1. Ensure that the tire pressure is normal

If the air pressure of the tire is not normal, even after the dynamic balance is completed, after inflation or deflation

2. Remove the old weights

Before doing dynamic balancing, the original weight should first be removed. The removal is carried out with special tools. It cannot be knocked directly with the iron hammer, which will damage the hub.

Then use a special dynamic balancing machine to measure the wheel weight distribution, and then add the appropriate weight weight block at the corresponding position.

3. Set tire parameters

Use a special measuring tool to determine the tire size, the width and diameter of the hub, and set the parameters of the dynamic balancer.

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4. Collect weight distribution data

After the dynamic balancing machine starts, the wheel rotates. After the weight distribution is measured, it will stop automatically. The
displayed value is the weight that needs to be adjusted for imbalance. The values show the weights that need to be matched between the inside
and the outside.

5. Determine the weight installation position

According to the orientation hint on the dynamic balancing machine, determine the position where the weight is installed. When the red
indicator light is centered, the position above the tire is the position where the weight is required to be installed.

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6. Install the weights

Before attaching the weight, first clean the position of the glue, then tap on the two sides of the hub or attach a weight equal to the
weight of the weight.

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However, it should be noted that, for example, if 10 and 15 are displayed on the left and right, respectively, the two balance blocks of
weights 10 and 15 should be tapped on the left and right sides at the same time. Instead, only one balance block with a weight of 5 should be
knocked on the right side. To the request.

When the left and right screens display 0, the wheel is fully balanced.



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