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What should I pay attention to when installing a car platform lift?

What should I pay attention to when installing a car platform lift?

As a kind of high-altitude Fuxing, the car platform lift reduces the risk factor of people’s high altitude in the past, and also facilitates
the transportation of products in the industrial chain. For example, if we see the car, if it is not transported,

It is impossible to rely on the manpower of the car platform lift. So what do you need to pay attention to when installing a good car platform lift?

First, the measurement platform size

First of all, we need to measure the size of the platform. The fixed lifts Many pits are based on the car platform lifts.

Second, the platform lifting

Use a wire rope to fasten the hook of the base of the car platform lift (fixed), lift it to the predetermined position, and release the sling
after smooth placement. After the lifting platform (fixed) enters the pit, personnel may need

To enter the pit for position adjustment and wiring work. The pit space is small, and installation or maintenance may not be able to enter.
At this time, it is necessary to lift the lifting platform (fixed) table to raise the lifting platform (fixed).

The location personnel can enter the pit to work.

Third, position adjustment

Adjust the car platform lift (fixed) to the desired position. The lifting work platform (fixed) is kept level with the ground; the lifting
work platform (fixed) table edge and the pit edge gap are well matched.

Portable small scissor lift

Fourth, the connection

The car platform lift (fixed) power control unit is split type, and the connection between the hydraulic pipe, the stroke switch line source
and the control line source is required.

Automotive platform lift (fixed) leads hydraulic hose

Dock with the hydraulic pipe on the control box.

The two-core source from the control box is connected to the terminal on the lifting platform (fixed) chassis.

Lifting platform with operation buttons on the work surface (fixed

) The connection of the control line source is required. The multi-color line source that leads out of the control box can be connected to
the terminal of the lifting platform (fixed) chassis.

Car scissor lift

Five, debugging

After the power supply is turned on, the test run can be carried out. When the car platform lift (fixed type) is raised to the highest level,
whether the platform lift (fixed) table top and the upper work surface have a good fit.

Adjusting the distance between the front and rear of the travel switch keeps the lifting platform and the upper floor level; the platform
lift of the car platform (fixed) and the gap of the upper pit are well matched.

car platform lift


After the position of the car platform lift (fixed) is determined, the lifting work platform (fixed type) can be fixed, and the car platform
lift (fixed type) is fixed by the iron expansion bolt, and then the gap between the chassis and the ground is

Filling with cement mortar or pre-embedded iron (the size can be longer than 300* wide 300*12mm thick 12mm iron plate) when filling the pit
foundation, the base plate and the pre-embedded iron pair can be welded during installation.

two car lift

Seven, running

After the car platform lift (fixed) is installed, it can be operated. Place a heavy load (the middle of the cargo placement table) on the
platform of the car platform lift (fixed) for ascending and descending operations.

It can be put into normal use after it is running normally.



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