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Car maintenance is inseparable from four-wheel alignment!

Car maintenance is inseparable from four-wheel alignment!

After long-term introduction to all aspects of the four-wheel aligner, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the four-wheel aligner and four-wheel positioning, and the awareness has also increased accordingly. For those who are familiar with the car, they have a very deep understanding of the four wheel alignment. In particular, since the installation of the four wheels of the vehicle, the steering mechanism, and the front and rear axles should have a certain relative position, the installation to adjust and restore this position is four-wheel positioning. Car maintenance is inseparable from four-wheel positioning, and it is a very important part.

Four-wheel positioning refers to the positioning angle of the suspension system when the vehicle leaves the factory. These positioning angles are preset according to the design requirements to ensure the safety of the vehicle. However, due to various reasons, abnormal wear of the tires, accelerated wear of the parts, sinking of the steering wheel, deviation of the vehicle, and increased fuel consumption may occur, and these phenomena are the reasons for the deterioration of the vehicle performance. It is necessary to eliminate these phenomena and ensure the stability of the vehicle. Performance, the most effective way is to do four-wheel positioning. The purpose of the four-wheel alignment is to diagnose and treat the above-mentioned discomfort symptoms of the vehicle by the positioning angle measurement. It is divided into front wheel positioning and rear wheel positioning. The front wheel positioning includes the kingpin back rake angle, the kingpin camber angle, and the front wheel camber angle. There are four contents of the toe angle, and the rear wheel positioning includes the wheel camber and the front wheel toe. Under normal circumstances, after driving for 3 months in a new car, you should do four-wheel positioning. After every 10,000 kilometers, you should change the position of the tire. If there is a collision, you should do four-wheel positioning in time.

If you can maintain the correct wheel alignment angles to ensure that the vehicle straight, handling and steering system recovery, To avoid improper bearing load thus damage and loss of accuracy, can also ensure that the tire in close contact with the ground, reduce tire wear, ensure the car when cornering stability.

I will introduce you to the expertise of the four wheel aligner and hope to provide useful information for everyone. Car maintenance is inseparable from four-wheel positioning. If your car has not been in four-wheel positioning, you must pay special attention to it. Don’t forget your safety because of your busy schedule.



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