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Car maintenance has a coup, long-term life guarantee(一)

Car maintenance has a coup, long-term life guarantee(一)

The same is the tens of thousands of kilometers of cars, but there are already high maintenance costs, what is the mystery? Of course, the quality of the car itself is good or bad, but adequate maintenance can really make the car drive longer.

1. Regular oil change
Engines that are often lubricated have a longer service life. As time goes by, the oil is dirty, which reduces or even loses the lubricating effect of the oil and accelerates engine wear. Although synthetic oil lasts longer, it can also be degraded or contaminated. If you change the oil regularly and use the right grade of oil, your car’s engine interior can be cleaned and fully lubricated.
When driving, the engine consumes oil, and low oil also increases engine wear. Therefore, please check the amount of oil regularly and replenish the oil in time.

2. Ensure that all types of lubricants required for the car are adequately clean
The condition of the automatic transmission depends on the condition of the transmission fluid. The same is true for brake systems, steering systems, engine cooling systems, gearboxes, and front and rear. The range of lubricants you need for your car is critical to your car. They will evaporate over time, leak or degrade, so please replace and replenish them when the amount of lubricant is low.
You can find the type of lubricant you need in your car in the car user manual. If your car is to be used as a trailer, you can consider installing a transmission fluid cooler and changing the transmission fluid frequently.

3. Know your car
You can find out most of your car’s information in the user manual, please put it in the glove box and have time to read it from time to time.
In addition, there is a picture of the engine room in the user manual, you can know how to check the coolant, oil and transmission fluid. You can also learn how to change the car headlights or taillight bulbs, how to start the car when the battery is dead. If you want to know how the car’s four-wheel drive system works, you can also find information in the user manual. Even if you already know enough about your car, I believe you can still find new and useful information in the user manual.

4. Identify the problem as early as possible
Any minor problems, if you can find them early, can prevent them from happening and save you a lot of maintenance costs. Keep an eye on the abnormal performance and sound of your car. The warning light is always on, the engine temperature is higher than normal, there is oil leakage under the car, abnormal noise when bumping or braking, odor, feeling different when driving, poor acceleration, oil splashing on the wheel, strange feeling of the brake plate, etc. Small signs like clues should be checked in time.

5. Pay attention to the maintenance of the body
If the place where you live is wet and the metal is prone to rust, please promptly rust and maintain the brakes and oil supply of the car and other chassis parts. Change the wiper at least twice a year, which doesn’t cost much.
Frequent waxing of your car helps protect the car paint and makes the car very shiny. Timely paint and touch the car’s scratches to avoid corrosion of the car body.



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