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What can we do in addition to the four-wheel alignment?

What can we do in addition to the four-wheel alignment?

Tires are the only parts in the vehicle that are in contact with the ground. They are one of the first conditions to ensure safe driving, so we must ensure that the tires are always in the best condition. However, during our use, we will find excessive wear and tear on the tires.

For example, each flower block is uneven, with intermediate wear, wear on both sides, one-sided wear, feather wear and the like. These wear and tear, in layman’s terms, are to eat tires. When the vehicle has a baby, we have to analyze the fault point according to the condition of the tire wear, and also have to adjust with the four wheel alignment machine. Let’s talk about some of the common wear and tears we have.

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The main reason for this situation is that the vehicle camber angle is not correct, that is, the contact force between the side of the tire and the ground is too large, so the tire is eccentric. In this case, make a four-wheel alignment and adjust the camber angle.

The main cause of tire wear

First, the tire pressure is insufficient, the pressure is too high or too low will cause the fetus.

Second, the front wheel data is not in the standard range. The front beam is too large, too small, the inclination data is incorrect, and the steering rod adjustment is not in the correct position. This situation can be adjusted by doing four-wheel alignment.

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Third, the tire bearing is swayed or the ball head between the suspension of the chassis is severely deformed, or the suspension system is deformed due to an accident. This situation first requires replacement of the deformed or worn parts, and then doing four-wheel alignment adjustment.

Fourth, the depth of the tread on both sides is not the same, or the deformation of the steel ring can also lead to eating tires.

Fifth, the tire dynamic balance parameters are incorrect, and the tire installation is not installed in the direction of a fixed arrow.

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The above is the common cause of eating tires. If the tires appear on the wheels, first check whether the suspension screws of the vehicle chassis are loose, check whether the four-wheel air pressure is at the same standard value, and check whether the tire bearings are moving abnormally.Simple problems can be adjusted by doing four-wheel alignment.



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