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Where should I consider buying a portable tire changer?

Where should I consider buying a portable tire changer?

(1) Pay attention to the rated power of the motor. The higher the power, the stronger the working stability. The power of the motor is generally more than 1000W. Some manufacturers use 800W motor to reduce the cost. When the investor purchases, the side cover can be disassembled to check the rated power of the motor. The motor should have low noise during operation and no obvious vibration.

(2) The noise during operation is low, and there is no obvious vibration during load. The reducer is the speed reducer for transmitting the power of the tire changer. Since the speed of the AC motor is generally above 100r/min, it must be reduced to 100r/ via the reducer. The left and right sides can work normally. The reducers are usually made of special materials and alloy materials. When driving, they must have low noise and good balance performance. Some small tire changer manufacturers use low-quality hard alloy casting reducers. It is noisy when working, so pay more attention when loading.

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(3) The quality of the tire disassembly head is also directly related to the quality of the tire disassembly. There are currently two types on the market; one is for high quality steel casting, and the price is relatively expensive; the other is made of plastic material and the price is relatively low. It is easier to check when purchasing
Do not. A high-quality steel casting tire disassembly head, the market price is about 800 yuan, the ordinary is also 300 yuan, its curved design curve is more scientific, easy to deform after years of use, loading and unloading tires are smooth, and protection The rim and the tire are not damaged. The inferior tire disassembly head is not the same, the appearance is rough, the curved curve design is not reasonable, the loading and unloading tire is not smooth, it is easy to deform after repeated use, and it is easy to scratch the tire and the rim. Therefore, when you purchase, you should use the portable tire changer on site to verify the pros and cons of the disassembly head.

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(4) To purchase products of well-known enterprises. At present, some automotive maintenance equipment products on the market are not high in technical content. There are many unqualified processing factories, and the equipment that can be produced can be sold to the market. Such equipment cannot be purchased. Quality is not guaranteed, and the repair rate is high.



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