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Automotive Scissor lift platform operating procedures editor.

Automotive Scissor lift platform operating procedures editor.

1. Only lifted personnel can operate the Automotive Scissor lift.

2. The operator on the Automotive Scissor lift must hang the seat belt.

3. Before the Automotive Scissor lift is put into operation, the legs should be leveled with the legs and the feet should be solid.

4. The operator must concentrate and operate in the order of operations specified in the instruction manual.

5. During the lifting process, the platform should be stable and flexible, and there should be no sudden jump or jamming. If the above phenomenon occurs, stop the inspection immediately and try to eliminate it before working.

6. If the hydraulic system occurs in one of the following situations, it should immediately stop the inspection and take measures to eliminate:

a) abnormal noise;

b) the oil temperature rises rapidly;

c) abnormal cylinder pressure and return pressure;

d) oil leakage;

e) When the “up” or “down” button is pressed, or the “rise” or “down” manual valve is pushed, the table does not move.Portable hydraulic scissor car lifts 7. After pressing the action of “up” or “down” button, if the workbench does not move, in addition to checking the hydraulic system, it should also check whether the lifting mechanism is stuck or not, and whether the electrical part is broken or overloaded.

8. There should be a safe clearance above the workbench

9. The power supply must be disconnected before the power is turned on or during the lifting of the workbench. The operator must take care that all controllers are in the zero position.

10. When the operator is working at height, the operator must not operate the Automotive Scissor lift at will.

11. During the lifting process, no part of the body of the passenger on the workbench shall exceed the limit of the work surface.

12. When the operator leaves the Automotive Scissor lift, the lifting power source must be cut off.




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