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What is the effect of roadbuck’s upgrade of automatic car wash equipment to enhance flushing?

What is the effect of roadbuck’s upgrade of automatic car wash equipment to enhance flushing?

roadbuck car washing machine can not only facilitate car washing, but also has good effect. The operation interface makes customers very satisfied. The product quality can not only help users improve car washing efficiency, but also reduce the cost of labor and improve the image of the store.

Customers from all over the country are welcome to visit and inspect the factory, roadbuck car washing machine, convenient operation interface, all-intelligent car wash, and the immediate car wash effect is trustworthy!

IS-400 hydraulic lift for car wash

Recently, the company installed a car wash shed on the basis of automatic car washing equipment, which not only has a clean and tidy appearance, but also has a better flushing effect. The drivers of the vehicles have “liked”.

The automatic car wash equipment consists of four parts: the washing machine chassis, the left and right side nozzles, the control system and the water pump. The three-dimensional cleaning of the car body is carried out by the non-contact technology, which can realize the flushing of the chassis and the non-contact flushing on both sides of the vehicle. The cleaning effect is good. The working principle is as follows: When the vehicle is slow to drive into the washing turbine, the front wheel of the car is started to start cleaning by the induction switch water pump, the work indicator light is on, the pump work cleaning starts, the water pump automatically stops after about 40s, and one operation is completed, and the work indicator light is off.

IS-400 in ground car lift

All along, roadbuck has attached great importance to environmental protection work, invested heavily in the complete closure of all raw material storage yards, and supporting the construction of fog spray facilities, which can effectively control the dust during vehicle loading and unloading and transportation; Vacuum trucks and sprinklers continuously clean and sprinkle water on the roads in the plant area to effectively control road dust.



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