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Although this thing on the tire is small, it plays a big role!

Although this thing on the tire is small, it plays a big role!

Car tires, everyone is not strange, but ask what is the tire balance block, I believe most people are worried, what is this? Let’s talk together

What is the tire balancer? What is the use?

Look closely at your tires and you will see a small lead in the hub position. This is the Wheel Balancing Block, which is the weight component of the vehicle mounted on the wheel.

After the car wheel rotates at a high speed, the quality of each part is different, so it will affect the stability of the wheel rotation. When the speed is higher, the amplitude of the vibration will become more and more obvious; and this power imbalance will make The phenomenon of wheel shaking, steering wheel vibration, etc. during the running of the vehicle.

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In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to balance the wheel balance by dynamically increasing the weight, and the components required for the counterweight are the balance blocks; as for the correction process, the wheel we often say Flat Balance.

Therefore, the function of the balance block is to minimize the mass difference of the wheel and achieve a relatively balanced state, so that the wheel maintains dynamic balance under high-speed rotation and increases the running stability of the vehicle.

What is the impact of wheel imbalance?

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During driving, if the wheel is not in equilibrium, the most direct performance is that the steering wheel is shaking, so if this happens, you need to check the dynamic balance of the four wheels, it is likely that the balance block is lost. wheel Unbalance has certain damage to the vehicle itself. If the time is long, the bearing will be strained and the tire will wear out. Therefore, it is necessary to check and repair in time.



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