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How much do you know about four wheel alignment? After reading the second

How much do you know about four wheel alignment? After reading the second

Recently my friend asked me: “How long does it take to get the four wheel alignment? I used to buy a used car and drive the steering wheel to the left side. The car can keep going straight, and the tire on the right is soft and sometimes shakes. The steering wheel. A friend said that when you want to change the tires, do the four-wheel alignment dynamic balance together. What is this?” How long should the four wheel alignment be done? After reading the second!

Tire alignment, is four wheel alignment. In the literal sense, it feels like it is related to four wheels. In fact, the relative orientation between the equipment of the car wheel, shock absorber, steering rod and other chassis objects is called. Wheel alignment. The distance between the relative azimuths, the viewpoint, etc. are the parameters of the four wheel alignment. When we do the four-wheel alignment, we coil the parameters to make a fuss. By adjusting these parameters, the car is in the best condition. Some four-wheel positioning parameters that are often adjusted include the front wheel toe, the front wheel camber, the rear wheel toe, the kingpin camber, etc., and some parameters are not adjustable.

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Bad road conditions, fast over-speed belts, fast over-pits, and long-term parking inequality in vehicles can cause abnormal positioning parameters of the tires. If the positioning of the tire is not normal, it is likely to cause problems such as eating tires, vehicle deviation, brake deviation, and vehicle trembling.

The looseness of each connecting piece due to excessive wear clearance or wear of the bearing, kingpin and bushing will cause the car to swing its head during driving and cannot maintain a normal movement track. If it is the knuckle arm and the knuckle is bent and deformed, it will generally cause the vehicle to go in one-way deviation. The most serious is that the horizontal tie rod ball head is loose after severe wear and will cause the steering to fail, and the car will be completely out of control.

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How long does the four wheel alignment do once? Most car owners will have such questions. How long does it take to make a four wheel alignment? Today, Xiaobian will take you to find out how long it takes to get a four-wheel alignment. In general, when the car is driving 10,000 kilometers, or every year, choose a fixed time to do four wheel alignment for the car, but if it is a taxi or a van, it should be done every six months. Once, because the frequency of use of the car is too high, the length of time is also related to the frequency of use.

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Tire eccentric wear is also known as “eat tires”. This phenomenon is difficult to detect without checking the tires. If the vehicle is driven at a high speed for a long time, the eccentric wear of the tire will be very severe, which will seriously affect the service life of the tire. Not only is the ground adhesion severely degraded, but there is also the possibility of a puncture at any time. In addition, the four wheel alignment is not allowed to cause the car to drift, side slip, unstable steering, abnormal wear parts of the suspension system, etc., seriously affecting driving safety, so we must pay attention to four wheel alignment.



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