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The secret in the tire: How much do you know about 5d wheel alignment?

The secret in the tire: How much do you know about 5d wheel alignment?

First: What is four-wheel alignment?

Four-wheel alignment, which is actually divided into front wheel alignment and rear wheel alignment, combined as four-wheel alignment;

The front wheel alignment means that the installation between the steering wheel, the steering knuckle and the front axle has a certain
relative position, which is called front wheel alignment.

This installation with a certain relative position is also called steering wheel alignment;

Rear wheel alignment, for the two rear wheels, there is also a relative position installed between the rear axle and the rear axle.

Of course, the front wheel alignment and rear wheel alignment, his process and content are different, technical things, not much to talk
about here;

At present, there are several types of four-wheel alignment instruments on the market;

There are several commonly used ones, 5D, 3D, CCD are the three mainstream products on the market;

The most advanced on the market is the 5d wheel alignment, and the measurement method is advanced;

The 5D measurement method uses image recognition technology, and the whole car scans to the cloud, and the data is calculated by multiple
computers, which is faster and more accurate.

wheel alignment 5d machine

When doing 5d wheel alignment, ask what equipment is available to help you know the accuracy of the product, which is higher?

Second: Under what circumstances to do 5d wheel alignment:

This very wide, general application, the riders believe that only after the crash, the large frame may be loaded with problems, after the
repair to do four-wheel alignment;

Actually wrong, four-wheel alignment is a necessary procedure for vehicle maintenance, and should be done once during normal maintenance;

In other words, it is the right way to do at least 5d wheel alignment every year;

Under what circumstances must 5d wheel alignment be done?

First, when the direction is deviation, the 5d wheel alignment must be done;

This is also a common sense, that is to say, driving on a flat road 50-100 meters away, the direction will automatically run more than one
meter, you must do 5d wheel alignment;

5d wheel alignment gauge

The second is to complete the road, to do 5d wheel alignment;

Many off-road vehicles, to Dunhuang, to the desert to wild, play through, this must go after the wheel alignment;

Third, after replacing the accessories, do 5d wheel alignment;

Especially the front wheel, which is related to the direction, and the accessories related to the steering system must be positioned for the

The replacement of the chassis parts, the replacement of the suspended parts, and even the replacement of the shock absorbers requires a
wheel alignment;

Fourth, after the accident, the wheel should be positioned;

Regardless of whether the injury has injured the tire, the collision must have an effect on the frame or some of the sites, and the wheel
alignment should be done;

wheel alignment machine 5d

Third: What are the disadvantages of not doing four-wheel alignment?

First, do not do four-wheel alignment, abnormal wear and tear on the tires, and bury hidden dangers for safety;

Second, it will affect the handling, including the balance when turning;

Third, there will be abnormal wear of the tires, accelerated wear of parts, sinking of the steering wheel, deviation of the vehicle, and
increased fuel consumption.

If the steering ball is broken frequently, it means that the 5d wheel alignment should also be done;



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