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What are the precautions for purchasing a 4 post car lift?

What are the precautions for purchasing a 4 post car lift?

1、4 post car lift in the floor space and height of the workshop, the specific use of the lifts in maintenance and maintenance, and whether it should be used with the four-wheel aligner. For example, the 4 post hydraulic car lift is stable and has good safety performance, but the hydraulic system is not easy to handle, so it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the cylinder and the hydraulic power unit with good quality and durability; the chassis-free design has vehicle passing. Good advantage, vehicles with lower chassis can also be easily supported, but the requirements for foundation conditions are higher; while vehicles with chassis design have poor passability, vehicles with lower chassis cannot support, but the requirements for foundation conditions are not needed. The flat lift is simple in structure, but there will be a burst of tubing and unsynchronized failure of the two platforms. At present, there are few models with good synchronism in the domestic flat lifts, most of which are counterfeit. Be sure to pay attention not to be confused by the manufacturer.

Four post car lift
2, the price is usually the first thing to be considered by the repair shop owner when purchasing the car lift, but this is probably a big mistake. Imagine if the cheapest car lift is to be repaired in a short time, the actual cost may be better than The cost of a car lift that is more expensive for a well-known manufacturer is much higher;

3, must select only the minimum amount of maintenance of the car lift, and can get reliable service during the warranty period;

4 post hydraulic car lift

4. You should be aware of the total installation cost of the car lift you purchased, and all the expenses except for the purchase of the car lift;

5. If your repair shop is in the new or transition period, some car lift manufacturers will also provide a computer-aided design (CAD) plan. For the architect’s reference.



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