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How much do you know about the 3D wheel aligner function and its usefulness?

How much do you know about the 3D wheel aligner function and its usefulness?

Following the continuous improvement of the suspension system, the more and more connecting rods are, the structure is generally more complicated, and the angle requirement relative to the four-wheel positioning is also Generally increased. We need to choose an advanced 3D four-wheel aligner service shop, which is a prerequisite for quality four-wheel positioning. In this way, you know

Is there any use for the four-wheel aligner function? Next, go with the four-wheel aligner company Guangdong Roadbuck Co., Ltd.

First, the rodless measuring head
Rodless sensors are basically used in the aerospace industrial electronic inclinometer principle, as the basis for measurement standards, and its advanced technology

The main purpose of the design is to reduce the traditional long rod type measuring head, because this is the inconvenience and error caused by the left and right projection.

The rodless measuring head can help the four-wheel aligner to make independent measurements, so we don’t need to worry about the left and right projection problems.

Make measurement data more accurate.

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Second, wireless transmission electronic track gauge
Today’s vehicle tire modification is prevalent. The wheelbase between the two wheels changed after the tire was modified, but the original value of the four-wheel aligner did not follow.

change. Electronic track gauge that can be used for wheelbase measurement after vehicle modification and data transfer by wireless transmission to the computing system to

For the most accurate measurement.

Third, multi-angle display at the same time
If the four-wheel aligner manufacturer can supply the product graphics, as well as the data and color, the upper and lower double color display can be used for simultaneous measurement and adjustment.

As a result, it is convenient for the technician to adjust the vehicle.
Fourth, advanced transmission methods
The main performance of the vehicle’s four-wheel aligner is to be able to supply the chassis repairer with relatively accurate measurement data, which can be used as a vehicle for adjustment.

The data of the chassis, the key to it is whether the sensor supply value is accurate. And the quality of the four-wheel aligner uses advanced technology

The transmission system ensures the accuracy of the measured data.



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